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Stokoderm Aqua PURE (100 ml)<br>(Formerly Durapro)

Stokoderm Aqua PURE (100 ml)
(Formerly Durapro)

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Stokoderm Aqua Pure, formerly known as DuraPro, is a skin barrier cream formulated to provide skin with protection against water-based substances. Safe for use in food production and preparation areas, Aqua Pure forms a robust, water-resistant physical protective layer which helps prevent contaminants from penetrating deeply into the skin. Ideal for use in work environments with prolonged exposure to water and water-based contaminants including detergents, lubricants, cleaning agents, disinfectants, sales, mixed cement and fertilizers. Perfume and dye-free, this skin protection cream is quick drying and helps support the stimulation of the skin's regeneration process and natural barrier function.

* Aqua Pure can be used with gloves or PPE and does not affect dexterity with hand-held tools.

100ml Tube
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